Alhama de Granada Studio, Spain. 2016

Alhama de Granada Studio, Spain. 2016

It all started when…

Between 2016 and 2017, I undertook the great task of transferring all of my remaining artwork from storage in the United States to my studio in Alhama de Granada, Spain. This website consists of a selection of the paintings, works on paper and drawings that reflect my artistic journey from 1957 to the present. During that time, my professional life took me to many different places, and in each one, I reestablished my connection with my artwork by immediately setting up a studio.

While the subject, theme and context of the work has changed in response to my new surroundings, that which remains constant is the role of color - intense, decorative, mysterious and symbolic; the dialogue between perception and reality; and, the use of drawing, which is both descriptive and interpretive and functions as the architecture of the paintings.

By curating three retrospective exhibitions and the work included on this website, I have taken the opportunity to revisit the past through the paintings and drawings, as they remind me of every moment of my life at the time I was producing them. They also  offer insight into when and why I began, where I have been, where I am at present, and where the future may take me.

(Photo: Salvador Martín Palacios)

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